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My Yahoo - Great source for news that can be customized to fit the content you enjoy, including RSS feeds from the Coletrain blog

Drudge Report - Best source for breaking news on the intternet.  If it is hot news, or just friggin weird, you will find it on this site - Good place to find obscure yet interesting news and opinions on libertarian thought and ideas

The Spectator - Conservative British online magazine with great perspectives on world and American issues.  Taki's weekly "High Life" is a must read.

The American Conservative - Online version of the magazine published by Pat Buchanan and Taki.  Also includes writers who are friends of writers.

What Would Tyler Durden Do? - I am normally don't care about celebrity life, but this site is so funny I have to know what new shit KFed is pulling.


The Onion - America's favourite source for news.  Consistently good.

The Phat Phree - Hilarious site, home of such greats as &"Look at My Striped Shirt" and the "NFL's All-Criminal Team."

Gorilla Mask - Great web finds filled with odd news, funny videos, and hot chicks.

Tucker Max - This guy may be a dick, but he writes liike a male Judy Blume. Stories and blog will keep you in stitches.

>Maddox - Maddox hasn't published an opinion on every issue possible; but after reading his site, you will wish he had.  It's just that funny.

College Stories - Compilation of all the stories you had iin college, or wish you did.  Use the college index search to see if you recognize any of the shenanigans from your school.

Whangdoodle - Funny experts in MySpace profiles, anal bleaching, and much more.

Points In Case - Any site that posts analyses of dating strippers, starting college riots, and hooking up on Friday night has to be good.