Features Of Short, Back & Sides Haircut

Some old-school thinkers and doers are well familiar with this old command. It happens when you walk into your barbershop to be seated down, padded up and clothed in a sheet for your regular haircut key west appointment. And even though the regular client has done it all before over who knows how many years, the barber, after muttering under his breath about the weather they have been having lately, politely asks his regular client; ‘so, what will it be this time then?’. The usual, or are we finally going to trim those nose hairs of yours.

He has been reminding the client about this for a long time. But the client had been holding himself back. He did have a hairy thought. He read somewhere that if you keep on cutting away at those hairs they would keep on growing back, just like a normal scalp of hair would. Only the problem is, these nose hairs would be growing back thicker and heavier. And he’s seen chaps with hair like that. It does not look nice.

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Just a hairy, scary story for just by the way. Not that he needed to worry. Because his barber could be as bespoke as they come. Now, the short, back and sides request has been going on since as long as anyone could care to remember. In other shops, just to make it zippy and easy for the locals, they usually just refer to it as a number one. A number two, or even a number three. The short, back and sides haircut means just what it says.

It is short at the back. And it is short along the sides. Sideburns have been cultivated to look sexy. And a wavy path in front to look a little more cool.