Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

The world of fashion and glamour is heating up more than ever.  The quest for the perfect look, style and outfit is constantly changing and as such the need for skilled beauticians is on the rise.  As this field heats up, the desire of becoming a cosmetologist is a route many will take. 

becoming a cosmetologist

Love of design

One of the key components you will need is the love of design.  As a cosmetologist you will be working on living works of art. Each tease of the hair, dab of makeup and splash of color you place on a client will go towards your end result.


When getting into the business you want to build a portfolio.  You will want to highlight the full before and after and even the in between steps you tool in order to achieve your results.  When you build your portfolio you will not only be able to see how you have progressed from the early stages, but you will also have something to show clients and future employers.

Practice often

You will want to hone your skills.  To hone your skills, you will need to practice on a regular basis.  Purchasing a mannequin or test head to work on different techniques is a good idea.  For those who are looking to be great compared to good will take the extra steps to learn different ways of doing things, how to make your clients happy and how to perform tasks fast enough to get more clients into your booth in a day.

Build customer relationships

Building relationships is a vital part of the business.  As you sit there working on a client you will need to be friendly, happy to be there and able to listen to their problems.  When you build relationships with clients, they will speak highly of you through word of mouth send you business.