Blacks and Gays Together

Published in the Washington Witness Spring 2000(?)


Isn’t it wonderful?  The blacks and gays of the campus are uniting in fighting “racist, sexist, classist, heterosexist, patriarchal institutions of oppression and domination that guide Washington University at every level, from the classroom to the dorm room.  Now students here are protected against the everyday slander of the many bigots on campus who for years have ravaged our otherwise peaceful environment. We should have a celebration, in the middle of the night to symbolize equality conquering the darkness of hate.  Or we can be realistic. 

I have yet to see anyone get harassed by anyone on the Oak Walk, or in Mallinckrodt, or anywhere else on campus for something they cannot control.  I have not seen any homosexuals harassed either.  Washington University is a relatively safe place where blacks are not “niggers,” Jews are not “kikes,” and homosexuals are not “fags.” Bigotry as displayed above does not exist in such abundance that it guides the university, but there is a different spectre on this campus.  It is when the gays are uniting as a class, and are daisy-chaining their agenda on to the fight for ethnic equality.  The danger in such an action is that building a class in a traditionally classless society has always caused problems in the nation, and that homosexuals are essentially playing the game of identity politics by doing so.  To be clearer, a homosexual is defined by what he does, not by who or what he is.  If an individual labeled homosexual stops engaging in sexual activities with his own sex, that individual is no longer homosexual.  In actuality, gays in this country who try to band as a group are more akin to a sodomistic guild than a social class. By comparing the condition of the homosexual with the conditions of ethnic groups through their identity, interaction with society, and economics, we will see that it is nonsense to associate the two.

Unlike a member of a particular ethnic group, the homosexual is a creation of his own action, rather than by birth or physical attribute.  If a child sees a dark skinned, kinky haired man, he automatically sees that individual as black.  If a child sees the same man wearing clothes from the International Male catalog, he will not assume he is gay.  Contrary to the views of Student Life cartoonists, gays generally choose their appearance, and they do not have to look “queer.”  Rather, the homosexual is an individual who can be identified solely by his acts, not by who he is. 

This fact presents a problem to many gay activists.  For the true agenda of many a homosexual group is not simple tolerance, but acceptance and validation.  Tolerance of homosexual activity in society is already achieved.  No one is breaking down bedroom doors; gay bars are not being shut down.  What gays really want is a society where deviant sexual activities are considered equally valid and normal as married heterosexual relationships. 

Of the family, gay activist Michaelangelo Signorile said, The most subversive action lesbians and gay men can undertake -- and one that would perhaps benefit all of society -- is to transform the notion of 'family' entirely.  Simple tolerance is actually a step back for the gay agenda rather than a step forward.  Policies such as “don’t ask, don’t tell” are devastating simply because if you don’t say you are gay, there are no gays to discriminate against.  Tolerance is then achieved.  Acceptance is not.

  Consider the Christian freshman.  She is a quiet girl and only shares her faith with those who solicit guidance or advice.  She does not physically attack the gay student who lives across the hall, nor does she shout epithets at him or scream “You are going to Hell!”  She tolerates him.  Yet, she is a Christian, and she believes the Bible is the spoken Word of God.  And those spoken Words have a lot of harsh things to say about “men working with men that which is unseemly.”  The fact that she simply agrees with the Bible is an affront to the gay rights movement.  This is why gay groups are often behind efforts to get the Bible out of schools, they are on the steering boards of Internet child protection software to prevent gay sites from being blocked by the programs, and why gay people simply cannot “keep it to themselves.”  Far from being an oppressed social group, they must feign oppression and be politically active in order to maintain a group cohesiveness, or they will revert to what they are, just individuals who have same-sex intercourse. 

Oppression of a social group is often threefold, verbal, physical, and economic.  While on campus and society in general, we can see that the first three are often low in relation to gay individuals, economics is yet unaddressed.  If we consider homosexuals as a group, statistics show that they will make on average three times more per-capita income than heterosexuals ($36,800 vs. $12,287).  This is nothing to cry about.  Gays, on average, are more likely to hold college degrees and more likely to have professional or managerial positions.  And as many Thai police officers can attest, they are more likely to travel internationally.  A spokesman for American Express confirms these findings when she says homosexuals as consumers are “very attractive because they are high-earning, high-spending and they travel a lot.”  These statistics predate the current outcries for gays to be treated as a minority group by the government, and for private employers to fill quotas based on sexual orientation.  Cry me a river.

This article does not advocate breaking into closed doors to disrupt the privacy of adult Americans.  It does advocate ending the assault on the value systems of three of the world’s major religions and the prevailing morals that are at the heart of this country.  This article also advocates an end to the preferential treatment gays that receive in this country and on this campus.  The posthumous fame of Matthew Shepard is a perfect example.  If gay men can run around and rape and kill little boys without a national outcry for justice, then no one should give a damn about Mr. Shepard, outside the state of Wyoming.  There is no reason for the NAACP to include gays on their endangered ethnicities list, and people should not make hubris when the shouted word “dork” sounds too much like “dike.”  In general, at least according to Michael Fumento, only AIDS is the biggest violent opponent gays have, and they have been able to extract more government funds for a cure than for cancer or heart disease, the nation’s number one and two pathological killers.  I would say they are doing pretty well.

If you want to help a disadvantaged individual, don’t lie and play broke when a broken down old man asks you for a dime.  Writing on graffiti boards may be easier, but on average, gays are no minority, and will be just fine.  Then again, to quote Thomas Jefferson, “If God is just, I tremble for the Republic.”