Best Winter Hairstyles for 2019

Now that Labor Day has come and gone, it’s time to find that winter wardrobe to rock your style. But, don’t stop there. A new hairstyle can change your whole attitude this winter. Tons of great winter hairstyles for women are available for ladies of all ages and interests. If you visit the hair salon westchester county ny, perhaps one of the styles below will work for your needs, too.

Blunt Bob

When you hear ‘bob’ mentioned in the same sentence as hair, you likely shriek just a bit. But, when you take a peek at the Blunt Bob, that is no longer the case. Curved lines and sharp tresses leave an attitude behind wherever you go.

Hair Pins

Cutesy hair pins come in assorted shapes, designs, colors, and styles, they help you keep your hair out of your face without sacrificing your style. No matter what length your hair, hair pins work wonderfully.

Beach Waves

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Beach waves with straight ends are hot for 2019 and there’s no sign that things will be different in the upcoming year. It’s actually a look you can rock in the winter or the summer; it’s fun in any season. Sexy, sultry, and fun are the three best adjectives to describe this style.

Pixie Cut

Cut your hair short this winter. Start it off with a Pixie Cut. It’s a cute, easy to maintain style for women of all ages. Think that you can’t do anything with short hair? Try out this style and you’ll learn quickly that simply isn’t true.

Brushed Out Curls

A few years ago, brushing out your curls was unheard of, something any curly-headed lady would cringe when spoken. Nowadays, however, brushed out curls is a look that ladies love to rock. It’s not frizzy and out of control but instead, bold and bearing.